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Nejvyšší kvalita šperků

Stříbro, které používáme k výrobě našich produktů - šperky ze Swarovski Elements, je ryzosti 925/1000 a má tu nejvyšší kvalitu. Toto italské stříbro prošlo rhodiovou povrchovou úpravou, která stříbru zaručí vyšší lesk a brání jeho zčernání.

Certifikát pravosti

Součástí každého šperku, při jehož výrobě byly použity komponenty Swarovski Elements, obsahuje certifikát "SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS", který je zárukou původu komponentů. Každý šperk kromě toho obsahuje certifikát naší společnosti BOHEMIA JEWELRY, jakožto výrobce. Více o certifikátu Swarovski Elements.

- Odkazy

How to care for jewelry Swarovski Elements?

You should behave to the jewelry from Swarowski Elements with regards to it's nature. That means that the Swarowski parts are made of crystal and any shock can cause  a breakage of it. 
When you are getting dressed always wear your jewelry at last and the other way around when you get undressed, remove your jewelry first, that will prevent it from getting damaged such as hooking to your clothes. We recommend you to put the jewelry back in it's original box, jewelry box or a cloth bag because that will eliminate the possibility of any mechanical damage.
Jewelry should not come into contact with detergents, chemicals (for example: chlorine, sulfur, perfumes, salt water, etc.) and should not be worn when for example ? swimming, doing sports, washing dishes, cooking etc.) all the above mentioned can damage both the surface finish on a crystal and the rhodium layer on the silver or other metal parts used on the jewelry.

Before, during and definitely after wearing you jewelry you should clean it with a special fluid and soft cloth, that can be purchased in our e-shop. That will help keeping it clean and shiny.
A common feature of silver is its blackening on air and  if is worn on the body. Depending on the quality of the environment and the acidity of the skin the silver blacken faster or slower.
Properties of silver and its response to external influences greatly affects the rhodium-coating layer. Rhodium layer slows down the response to external influences, but there is currently no technology, that would prevent the silver from blackening.
All silver that we use on our jewelry has this special treatment.
Therefore ensuring the long term of the original appearance it's necessary to clean the jewelry using delicate fabrics, liquid solutions or special cleansing creams.

Never use abrasive cleaner.
To clean the rhodium-plated parts of jewelry use  lukewarm water with a small amount of mild dergent and soft cloth to dry it up.
Best is to keep the jewelry in it's original packaging or in a cloth bag separate from other jewelry.
For cleaning a very dirty jewelry you should consult an experts - jewelers or goldsmiths.

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